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Friday, May 28th, 2004
5:30 pm
today i woke up round 1, it was good. i wasn't really tired, it was just makeup work for seminary, lol and by work i mean sleep from goin to seminary. haha i bet thats only funny to me! tyler gave me a call, so as soon as mi madre got home i went over ot his heezy. we just chilled i guess till bout 4 then went to blockbuster and did some gaming business, w00t w00t!! saw casey there too. ummmmm then he had an interview thing at 5 to go to so i had to go home and mow the dang lawn and crap. bout 11 taylor called and went and hung out with him and doug for awhile, then went home. thats it.

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, May 27th, 2004
12:09 pm
ahhhhhhhh the VERY last day of school. what a beutiful thing. very last day as a Junior!!!! 1 more friggin year left. thats it! well alg.2 test was pretty hard but i have a friggin +20 points cause i did my review and possibly another +5 if i guessed right on what i got on the test. ms curtis is so dumb. after alg.2 i took the dumb metal fag. i mean fab. test. EASY as crap,i just wrote all the answers on a notecard and just copied them onto the test, haha EASY! and then finally the gay bell rang! and school WAS Izzzzout! took me 20 friggin minutes though to get out of the dumb traffic, but after that was over i went up to Chic-Fil-A to eat lunch with everyone! that place is sooooo good, but to dang expensive. anyways thats waz lotz of fun. then we headed up to CMS to play some bball,lol i let monica drive my truck again, we didn't almost die, it was awesome! then it got super hott so we headed up to 7 11 and got some drinks, i got a 2 liter thing of sprite, man was it ever good. then we came back and everyone was basically done playing bball. so we decided to head up to dana's to get our swim on. i didn't really swim it was pretty cold. but we played some volleyball then sat around and did nothing for awhile until everyone had to leave. then it started friggin POORING rain like none other. casey took me home, i showered, then later that night taylor came over and we played some co-op on halo and then we went to caseys to watch a movie! taylor came with, we watched oceans 11. such a good movie. then after the movie was over and taylor left we played some card games and messed around with casey's cats. then dana took me home, (thanks alot by the way) and then that was the night.

Current Mood: out of school giddiness
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
12:07 pm
school was allright, after school went home for a bit, then bought some oil and power steering fluid for the vehicles, and then at 1 i went to lunch with megan! that was tons of fun. we ate it up good, saw some of my 7th grade teachers(lol) and even go to drive in my "awesome truck" that the window doesn't roll up now, and as were driving it just decided to die on us, lol.maaaaaan stupid thing. it was fun though, rocked out to some yellowcard, that was the best part. after i dropped her off i was on my way home and saw brandon connaway WALKING home from taco bell (he was on my bball team) so i told him to get in the truck, he does, and we pull into his neighborhood and theres these 2 chicks just walking along, he goes he wait up a second, so we pull up next to them and hes like "hey ladies!" one of them just keeps walking u know, but just turns her head makes eye contact for a SPLIT second, and it was like those evil death eyes, u could totally read it like a friggin book, it was saying wow ur a friggin retard, get out of here. LOL all i did was laugh my head off for a good 10 minutes, and made fun of him, it was to precious. oh ya then i had to go to work at 5 till 10. wasn't that bad, just boring. got home and talked on the phone again till late, it was awesome : )

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
11:45 am
allright, today marked the 3 day countdown till this retarded school year is finally done with!!!! first off , chemistry came along and decided it would be really hard and not have anything to do with what i put on my notecard, so i wanted to kill chemistry. that took up pretty much the whole period, but after that i talked with lauren, our last time *tear* haha. and then went to english, haha and the friggin fire alarm went off right before we were about to take our test, that was really funny, if it was a senior prank, it was a GOOD one! so after school i headed up to JC's (burger joint) and we ate it up good. had us some dang good burgers and tater tots!!! then i had to friggin jet cause i had to donate blood again for "testing" purposes this time for my surgery. got that over with, then i went home and took a nap, i was totally zonked out. slept till bout 6 45 ish, took my bro somewhere, then i went to mutual. it was pretty dumb, we had to practice our song that were gonna sing on sunday,and i suck at singing so i just pretended to sing most of the time, yes it was good. then i left, PICKED up doug <---- remember that part, its important later. then i showed him some x-box games that i had bought, and then we went and worked out. gettin RIPPED!!!! then we tried to find doug's keys that he could leave ya know? couldn't find them ANYWHERE. were like pissed off cause we can't find them, so he says "maybe i dropped them outside when i was coming in." so we go outside. HIS CAR isn't anywhere to be seen. and his face is like ghost white, and i'm DUDE wheres ur car??? and he doesn't say anything for like 10 hrs. and i'm like SOMEONE jacked ur car?!?!?!? and hes like WAIIIIIIIIIT a second, u drove me here remember?? LOL , hope u enjoyed that story everyone, i know we laughed it up good. then i was up till 3, talking to someone *wink wink* haha. it was a good convo. well i'm out!

Current Mood: happy
Monday, May 24th, 2004
11:42 am
ummm today was our last real a day. it was lots of fun, had some fun in history with sarah and kendal. then laughed it up good in tennis with taylor. so good. then i had to work again today, from 4 to 9 and when i got home me and doug worked out again, good stuff! were gettin RIPPED!!! haha thats it, nothing exciting, sorry.

work was awful, for those of u that i told u know why, i wont be repeating it in here due to caution of some of u throwing up.

Current Mood: <<<------haha
Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
11:41 am
woke up round 9 or so i think and hung out with taylor and dax cause they spent the night. after they left i went to my sisters volleyball game and then i went to bout 20 minutes worth of taylor and doug's baseball game. and then i had to work till 11:30 that night. so nothing really interesting happened that day.

Current Mood: tired
Friday, May 21st, 2004
12:01 pm
School was allright, in chemistry we reviewed for our chemistry exam the whole time, and english was fun as usual, and metal fab sucked butt as usual! went home after school and went and bought stuff at the store for my party, and came home, and doug came over at like 3:45 and we worked out again. that was some good working out. then i finished cleaning up the garage and the patio for the party. haha. brycen came over at 5 since he wasn't able to come until 11. anyways i showered it up good and then had my party at 6. i thought it was awesome. i had tons of fun, hope everyone else did. we party'd it up good until bout 12:30 and everyone was gone except brycen,taylor and dax. brycen left at 1 a.m. cause he had to go do stuff in the morning. dax and taylor stayed the night. me and taylor were up till about 3.

thanks for coming everyone! i had an awesome time. thanks for the game greg. thanks for ur present megan, ur so sweet! thanks for urs too susie, haha. nice job whoopin it up in bball dana, geez. haha. it was great to hang out with some of u mostly because i dont get to hang out with hardly any of u alot, and plus i wont be able to hang out during the summer like this, so it meant alot to me for all of u to come and for us all having a blast. thanks for coming monica and casey when u could, i'm sure u were pretty tired. love all u guys. later.

Current Mood: (from party, haha)
Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
6:48 pm
ummm i didnt' go to seminary this morning, haha what else is new right?? anyways went to school and stuff. dont thinnnnnk anything cool happened at school. i enjoyed english though, always fun with mike g. and Flannery. and friggin metal fab couldn't suck any harder, i hate our faggot teacher, he is such a lazy douche bag. so we sat there for 2 friggin hours hoping that time would pass by alot quicker, but it sure didn't , haha. anyways went to lunch , grabbed some autograph paper and had couple people sign it. after lunch i gave chris everheart a ride home cause he needed someone with a truck to haul home his skateboarding rail he made. so i did that for him. went home and played some x-box and stuff. and nothign else really cool happened until i played bball at the church, came home and that was it! booooooriiiiiiing. haha but a good day none the less.
Sunday, May 16th, 2004
3:29 pm
well today is my BIRTHDAY! haha 17 years old. wow. can't believe i've been livin that long. crazy how fast we grow isn't it? well my sister and mom woke me up and my sis made eggs for me, shes so sweet. and then we had to go to church from 1 to 4. church was allright, nothing exciting really happened, except i got to talk to jimmy for like 20 minutes or so,hes a cool guy, i dont think any of u guys know him. and then when church was over i came home and later round 7 30 my aunt and uncle came over and gave me some cookies and 10 bucks, so that was pretty awesome. and then i tried to get people over to hang out. but no one was home or answering there phones or could come over. so it was a pretty boring b-day, haha. oh well i'm gonna have a party, u should know when it is if u were invited! and if haven't dont worry u will be i'm sure if ur reading this. and then jimmy and his g/f sherri came over to talk and stuff mostly with my mom until like 11:30 , that was crazy. well i'll be seein u all later!

Current Mood: bored
Saturday, May 15th, 2004
10:56 am
well tyler spent the night on friday so we woke up and just talked i guess cause we didn't feel like getting out of bed, haha, and then we played x-box and then he had to jet to go get some stuff done.i totally had to go to work so i got there round 12 and no one came in at all. it was so friggin slow i was about to kill myself with like a jar of pickles or something, just Break it and slice my wrists. geez. and then the gay managers make u "find" something to do so u dont stand around, and when they finally left we just stood around and talked to each other. round 4 15 though i was allowed to go play in my basketball game! my very last game before i have surgery! it was a good game, we were both pretty even. i had 15 points : ) and several assists and couple of blocks and steals. so i was very happy with my performance, mostly because me and jordan dominated downlow and we wont that game, plus brandon connaway had about 6, 3 pointers i believe, friggin crazy man. so ya after my game went home and showered of course, then i went back to work, and had to work until 9. when i got home from work brycen and 3 other mormons showed up on my door, they had come from Jed Jones's b-day party and were playing the bigger and better game, so i gave them super mario bro's 3!!! and then they took me, and then we went to doug's and we got doug to. and went to the party. we ate some pizza and talked and stuff, and then we all started dunking and messing around just for fun. i totally swoned everyone though, haha, jump up through the legs and slammmmmm, and then i pulled a vince carter, my whole arm in the hoop, lol, haha i thought it was awesome, i'm so white....... haha. so ya then taylor took me home and doug didn't come over and i had nothign to do, that sucked butt, cause lots of people i knew were at banquets and stuff and i coudlnt' get ahold of anyone. and tommorow is my BDAY! so hope i get to hang with people then! well later everyone.

Current Mood: want to hang out people!!!!
Friday, May 14th, 2004
11:28 am
well man something really really funny happened at school today. so were sitting there in alg.2 and this kid who things hes "cool" and "preppy" totally sneezes and SNOT LAUNCHES out of his nose and lands on some black girls butt. like a HUGE glob of snot, no joke! and i'm like about to throwup and the dude whipes it off the chicks butt and whipes it on the floor and shes like going insane and everyone is laughing at this kid and hes totallye embarasses. lol i laughed forever. and it was funny, he was like ok everyone can stop looking at me now! haha it was great.

so then after school my mom took me to target and for my birthday present from them and because i'm gonna need it for recovery after my surgery they totally bought me an X-BOX!!!! man thats so awesome. so i bought NBA Street vo.2. such an awesome game. and then later i went and bought MVP baseball 2004, so expensive though, that part pissed me off. i want to get ninja gaiden and splinter cell now. anyways. after awhile tyler came over and we hung out for awhile, then we went to the mall for videogame purposes and stuff. and then we went back to my house. and played some videogames, went to blockbuster and he got my another controller for my b-day, thanks rad man. anyways were chillin and stuff and i get on aol and susie left me an awesome message so we totally called her and and went over to her house. haha we walked for like an hr. and talked. that was pretty awesome. but i had a great time, i mean whenever i'm around susies its like automatic fun. she makes me happy and i know shes gonna totally read this, but i like u susie! so ya she was supposed to come over but she didn't cause she had to take someone home. lol and i want u to read this part. whe ni left u those messages on aol last night, i'm sorry i TOTALLY am a huge moron and i didn't see that u put ur number on there, haha it was late , cut me some slack. were u the one that left the past 2 messages on my journal entries??? i'm asssuming since u said u discovered a new awesome cd, and then u said yellow card effing rocks. ya i told u they were awesome! enjoy them! lol if i'm wrong i'm stupid.

Current Mood: hyper
Thursday, May 13th, 2004
11:21 am
ummmmm today went to school and all taht good stuff, i dont remember anything cool happening except i went to ms. webbers class to make up test and time for school and susie was in that class. haha ur all probably like geeeez get a life josh. but susie really cool! and i know shes gonna read this, haha. ya so after school i went to the mall with her and her friend ashley. we walked around and stuff and talked and stuff. sorry if i seemed like i didn't talk, it was just like u and ashley were talking alot and i didn't really know what u were talking bout most of the time and i didn't know what to say and stuff lol u know??? if that makes any sense at all. but regardless i had a good time. hope u did. and then i got home and didn't do anything. just was bored, haha. so i did stuff and went to bed. the end.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
9:59 pm
ummmm monday i dont really remember what i did, all i know is that i went to school and talked to susie, and that made my day. so i'm content with that summary. and tuesday i had to work and when i got home did some more chattin' with susie.

hey if any of u guys actually read this can u leave me a comment please :) so that i can know if its actually worth typing in this?? thanks alot everyone!

Current Mood: hot
Sunday, May 9th, 2004
5:50 pm
ummm got up and my family and I took our dad to the airport, cause he left for idaho to start his new job. so he'll be gone for a month *sigh* so later we went to church and when i got home i talked to susie some more! for like 2 1/2 hrs again, haha. it was awesome, so i liked it. and i watched survivor all-star cause i really like survivor. and then i stayed up pretty late and went to bed.

Current Mood: content
Saturday, May 8th, 2004
4:20 pm
i had to get up round 9 45 ish cause i had to get ready for work. so i went to work at 11, and worked till 4, and played in my basketball game. we wont talk about that, except tyler u friggin kicked butt, i'm sorry i couldn't help more on offense, i'm i'm really sorry to all of my teamates for totally blowing it for us, well i'm sure none of u feel like i blew it, but i should have gone out on those 3 point shooting panseys. gosh i feel so bad. i know it wasn't my fault we lost but i totally feel awful bout it. lol ya i totally just contradicted myself there. so ya after that i had to go back to work. worked until 9, got home. no one was at home to hang out with so i just chilled and like at 11:30 carol came over again,haha. so we talked again for bout an hour before she went to go hang out with her friends again. it was cool again. then ate food and watched sportscenter of course, and headed to bed.

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, May 7th, 2004
4:09 pm
well haha got home from school and fell asleep, and bout 6:45 tyler called and was like lets hangout, and i was like allright see u in a couple of minutes, LOL i totally fell asleep again, and half an hour later he calls up and is like dude where are u, i'm like ummmm doin stuff, and hes like ur the worst liar ever, haha. so i actually went that time. and he was like what u wanna do, i'm like we totally need to go to showcase, to hang out with Susie! haha. ya so no one told me where showcase was at all, so u know i just figured it would be at our school. so we get up there and we see a huge crowd and we go to it, and ya find out its the cancer walking thingy. lol and monica was there so we walked 2 laps with her. and then tyler got called up by and friend and was like we need to pick him up. so we did, instead of going to showcase which i really wanted to do. anyways picked up his friend and they wanted to go to a party, and were not talking mormon party here, haha. and ya i didn't feel like getting in some deep trouble so i declined the offer, and we went to tylers and hung out till midnight and never went to showcase *shakes fist* sorry Susie, i didn't forget bout ya! so ya, got home at like midnight and carol wanted to come over cause she had nothing to do for about an hr. and half. so we talked for that long! and it was awesome, thanks for hanging out with me carol. enjoyed the convo. so ya she left and i went to bed cause i was pretty tired.

Current Mood: loved
Thursday, May 6th, 2004
3:03 pm
hmmm lets see. history was boring all we did was watch some movie with morpheous from matrix but it was some war movie not the matrix. all i could think of was the matrix though, haha. lame, yes i know! tennis was awesome as always, me and taylor laughed it up pretty good. such a kool guy. so ya we were sitting next to the bleachers and next thing i know this huge GIRL jumps up (impossible it seems, yes i know this) anways jumps up in fear and yells oh gross a mouse just ran past ur butt. haha i laughed,it was gross but precious at the same time. sooooooo ya that was basically school. then ummmm got home from school and chilled to music on the comp and then this awesome girl got online, u know who u are ; ) and we talked forever, and i'm not complaining because it was an awesome convo, so that was basically the highlight of my week! haha might sound pretty sad to some of u, but not me! so then, hmmmm what else did i do???? oh ya, took a nap, woke up, studied, read for an hr 1/2, then watched air up there until 2 a.m. thats one of my favorite basketball movies of all time, go rent it sometime! later everyone, hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
3:01 pm
ummm nothing cool happened today at school. got home and i went to tylers house and we finished dude where my car! haha classic movie. then we headed to bball practice and balled it up pretty good. then me tyler and shanksta headed up to my church to ball it up with some mormons. that was better than practice. L8er

Current Mood: nervous
Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
2:58 pm
well went to school and stuff got all my makeup work which sux hardcore. got so much of it to do. so school sucked butt, and when i got home i found out i had to work from 4 to 10. so i didn't get to participate in the slam dunk contes : ( haha it was for white boys! so that was my whole tuesday, work.

Current Mood: angry
Monday, May 3rd, 2004
6:56 am
this is a recap of my crazy weekend. well flew out to utah after taks on thursday. it was awesome seeing my grandparents and my aunt and uncles excluding one of my aunts *shudders* anyways my grandpa is so awesome i couldn't wait to see him. my bro and sis and i had to sleep in this rad trailor my grandparents have becase they like to travel alot. it had big tv in it with dvd player and couple of chairs and a bed, it was just pretty radical. so got there thursday. did nothing really. friday i went shopping??? with my mom sister and grandma and bro. i got the Less Than Jake CD so that was awesome. and i ate some quiznos, that was my whole day basically which dissapointed me, because theres this one girl i know out there. ya, continuing, so saturday went to my cousins wedding *yawn* and then the girl was there, Haley! talked to her and stuff and it was so awesome to see her again cause i like her alot, its just so hard bein away from her. so we hung out pretty much till 8 that night, which sucked hardcore that she had to leave. and then sunday we had a BBQ at my grandparents house and all of the family came over and Haley too : ) she had to live at 7 that day though!?!?!??! because her dad wouldn't let her cause it was a school night.......pfffff. ya so said goodbyes and stuff and if ur lucky i'll tell u what happened before she left , hehe. just have to ask me and see if i tell u. but it was radical what happened and i miss her so friggin much!

I HATE U MAVERICKS!!! i will kill u guys! well have a good one everyone!

Current Mood: sleepy
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